“My Dentist Told Me I Couldn’t Have Invisalign”: Busting the Myths about Invisalign

Almost every day I meet someone who says “I’d love to have Invisalign®, but my dentist said I didn’t qualify” or “My friend had Invisalign and said it doesn’t work.” And every time I get to tell them that EVERYONE can choose Invisalign for their orthodontic treatment if that is what they prefer. So why do these myths exist?

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Let’s look at them one by one:

1) “My dentist said I wasn’t a candidate”

General dentists can and do offer Invisalign to their patients. However, because they are not trained as orthodontists, they are only able to offer limited treatment with Invisalign. Orthodontists can treat anything – not matter what your problem is. Invisalign is a tool, just as brackets and wires are a tool, and your success is a result of how well the tool is used. Because Invisalign has a brand name, some people think they are going to get the same thing, no matter who the doctor is. But it is better to think of Invisalign as a software company that prints aligners. Your doctor directs the outcome and how you will get there, just the same as with braces. Your process and success depends on your doctor.

You may even have seen an orthodontist who says you can’t have your treatment with Invisalign. That is just a reflection of his or her experience and comfort with aligners. I have found that I can treat virtually anyone to a successful result with Invisalign aligners, but I have worked to gain the experience and confidence to know that I can deliver the smile you deserve.

2) “My friend had Invisalign and said it doesn’t work.”

There is no doubt – Invisalign works! So if you have a friend who was not successful, either your friend was the problem or the person directing treatment was the problem. Invisalign requires you to wear the aligners 21-22 hours a day – any less and the teeth won’t move properly. On the other hand, without a well designed treatment plan, even the most faithful person may not get the result they hoped for.

I hope that I may have busted some myths you believed about Invisalign. The best way to learn more is to take advantage of our free consultation to see how easy it can be to get your best smile.

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