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Orthodontics isn't just a youthful endeavor; the smile brilliance, better oral health, and improved confidence it brings transcend age. At Pitner and Carroll Orthodontics, we wholeheartedly embrace this belief, warmly welcoming all adults to our practice and offering orthodontic solutions that fit the

Trusted Adult Orthodontics in Chapin, Irmo, and Columbia, SC

Whether you're seeking to make a first-time change or rekindle a journey you started in your younger years, our team at Pitner and Carroll Orthodontics is dedicated to guiding adult patients every step of the way. We offer both braces for adults and Invisalign for adults to help you rediscover the power of a transformed smile and experience orthodontic care with your unique needs in mind.

Braces for Adults

Many may associate braces with adolescence, but they're an increasingly popular and effective choice for adults. Here's why choosing braces at Pitner & Carroll Orthodontics is an excellent decision for mature smiles:

Invisalign for Adults

For those seeking a less conspicuous orthodontic treatment without compromising effectiveness, Invisalign for adults at Pitner & Carroll Orthodontics is the ideal solution. Discover the advantages:

Introducing Our Downtown Orthodontic Office:

South Trust Tower, 1201 Main St #900 Columbia, SC 29201

Recognizing the unique needs and preferences of adult patients, Dr. Pitner and Dr. Carroll has set up an orthodontic office dedicated solely to adults. It stands as a testament to her expertise and commitment to adult orthodontic care.

Notably, Downtown is the only office of its kind in the entire southeastern United States. Here, adults can relish treatments tailored to their specific needs, all within a setting designed with their comfort and convenience in mind. Experience orthodontic care that truly understands the adult perspective at Pitner and Carroll Orthodontics in Downtown Columbia.

Choose Pitner and Carroll Orthodontics

Your unique smile journey awaits at Pitner and Carroll Orthodontics! Discover comprehensive orthodontic solutions that echo your personality and desires. With convenient locations in Chapin, Columbia (Main St.), and Columbia (Wescott Rd.), a transformative smile is just around the corner. Start your chapter with us today!

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