Kelsey’s Invisalign Journey – Day One

A bold smile has the power to energize an environment and make a lasting impression. At Pitner Orthodontics, we are proud to be a leading provider of Invisalign Braces Columbia SC. With this cutting-edge orthodontic procedure, we can help individuals in the area achieve a straighter and better-aligned smile discreetly and comfortably. Invisalign offers a discrete and comfortable alternative to traditional metal braces for straightening teeth. With their expertise in orthodontics and dedication to patient care, Pitner Orthodontics, the leading Orthodontist in Columbia, SC, is committed to transforming smiles and improving oral health using Invisalign braces.

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My name is Kelsey and I am 28 years-old and a second time patient of Dr. Pitner. I had braces for years when I was younger. I got them in the third grade (I was the first of my friends and thought they were the coolest.) This photo of me is days after I got my braces put on and I couldn’t have been prouder at the time.

Fast forward to high school and college: After I got my braces off, there were years that went by that I didn’t wear my retainer. my teeth shifted noticeably. However, I was interested in a less obvious way of fixing my teeth that didn’t involve metal and wires as I was pushing 30. Invisalign had been something I thought I would do eventually but I never made plans to talk to someone about it. My last dentist appointment confirmed that it was a solution for fixing a gap between molars that was created when I got my wisdom teeth out, I thought it was a good time to speak to someone about my options. After all, it was going to fix a potential dental health problem as well as improve my smile cosmetically!

When I sat in the chair at Dr. Pitners office I was feeling a little nervous and excited. I had been for a consultation visit about a month ago when a few x-rays and photos were taken and had been patiently awaiting the day to come back and get the retainers.

Throughout my consultation I was unbelievably impressed with how seamless the process was. It had been 15 years since I last saw my orthodontist and technology has changed so much! The x-rays and photos took minutes and I was qualified shortly for being a good candidate for Invisalign. I met Dr. Pitner and she was so friendly and answered any questions or concerns I had about starting Invisalign as an adult and shortly after decided to get started!


Fast forward three weeks later, I walked into Dr. Pitners office to pick up my Invisalign retainers and attachments put on. I was first shown a rendered photo of where attachments would be glued to my teeth and it increased the nervousness because I was surprised by how many there were and feared they would be so noticeable. Glueing them on took all of 5 minutes – they put the attachments on my teeth all at once using a pre-made clear retainer and when I looked in the mirror, they really were barely noticeable. I could feel the small bumps vaguely but I knew I would get used to the new feeling in no time. Next I was given my 12 weeks of retainers and put the first one on. It fit snug right over the new attachments on my teeth and I practiced taking them in and out like I would before I ate.  I was completely surprised at how fast and seamless this whole process had been because I remembered braces appointments taking much longer and being more intense as a kid (but that’s also just my 9 year-old memory).

Dr. Pitner then met with me to go over what to expect. She said there would be some expected soreness for a day or two and also some adjustments talking with the retainers in. She showed me digitally how my teeth would straighten during the 9 months and it was amazing to watch my teeth on the screen. To end the appointment, she gave me her cell number if I had any questions and really just put me at ease.

I’ll be updating this blog regularly along my 9 month Invisalign journey. Stay tuned!

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